Whole-Home Remodeling

Transform Your Entire Home

We offer whole-house remodeling services in Gainesville, TX & surrounding.

Whether your home hasn't been updated since the '70s, or you want to customize your new home before you move in, turn to J3 Customs for your remodel. We provide home renovation services in Gainesville, Sherman, TX & surrounding areas. With our turnkey services, you'll be ready to use your renovated spaces as soon as we're done.

Start your whole-house remodeling project now.

3 reasons why you should choose our contractor

If you're ready for a whole-house remodeling project, our designer and contractor is the expert for the job. She will:

  1. Work with you to create your design
  2. Manage every step of your remodel
  3. Complete your project early or on schedule
With over a decade of experience, our contractor knows how to approach your project. She'll ensure you love your design and make sure the final product matches it perfectly. Contact us today if you need home remodeling or home renovation services.